Our aim is to serve you with the best resources out there to so that you may get what you always wanted.

We at Foreign Study understand how crucial this time in your life is and our job is to provide you with all the services necessary to make your journey through this process comfortable and easy.

Career Counselling

Looking out for better opportunities for education is a critical phase in a student’s life. It can get very confusing and you might have a lot of questions. Is this course right for me? Does this University have good placements? How strong are my career options if I major in this? It is completely normal to be confused. We understand this and we have the answers to all your problems. This is where career counselling is important. Our qualified team is sure to make you confident in the right decisions that you make.

Educational Loan assistance

An important part of your education is the funding for it. We understand that education abroad is never light on the pocket which is why most students seek loan assistance. Our team will guide you choose the right loan and guide you through the process so that you do not feel lost.

Visa Guidance

We make sure that you won’t have to go anywhere unprepared. We provide you with Visa counselling and trainings for Visa interview.  We will mentor you through the whole process and make sure you are confident with any interview question that comes your way.

IELTS Training/ PTE

It is a globally recognised English proficiency test to assess the student’s skill in English language. We offer all the training required for you to crack this test. The test is divided into 6 sections. We firmly believe that language should never be a barrier to your dreams. Our training format and professional trainers are sure get you an impressive score.

Travel and Relocation.

Moving far away to a place unknown can be a little daunting at first. We promise to provide you with all the information you will need to know, for your travel and relocation. We will advise you about everything from flight procedure, ticket booking and where to go once you get there. Every single detail will be taken care of

Scholarship Tests

There are several scholarships out there offered by different Universities. Financial aid, however small is of a great help and we get that. We keep ourselves nuanced in this area so that you benefit completely. We help you find scholarships that can benefit you and also give you information on application and how to get through the tests.

Admission Support

From Statement of Purpose to enrolling you into college we will take care of guiding you. Finding the right university through personalised counselling and finally getting you through the process, you can rely on us. We ensure that this journey will be as effortless as possible for you. We make sure that your application and other processes are error free and complete.

Post Landing Assistance.

Our doors do not close once you reach the other side. Our team will always be ready to answer any queries or doubts that might arise once you land there. We will counsel you on your accommodation, insurance, medical requirements, part time jobs and anything that might concern you.

University Selection

There are a lot of factors associated with selecting a university. The selection has to be based on your need and requirements and what suits you the best. We will assist you tofind a university that matches your requirement of scholarship, affordable fee and quality of education.